Aid Effectiveness and Donor Relations Management

Aid Effectiveness and Donor Relations Management

The social development sector also has witnessed a marked shift from project-related grantmaking toward venture-type philanthropic investment characterized by more capacity-building grants, higher levels of engagement by grantmakers, and a heightened emphasis on measurement and results. Investors are now insisting on greater transparency and accountability.

This means deploying comprehensive process and systems to speak on social outputs and outcomes, which again means institutional capacities and competencies to manage complex social development programs. Such as aid effectiveness

  • Policy processes
  • Results-based management
  • Program & project planning
  • Sector reforms
  • M & E / MIS
  • Quality Assurance Systems

At Mainstay, we are specialized to help our partners to manage efficiently in delivering social objectives and goals. We work with following diverse areas and issues

  • Evaluation studies
  • Social Impact assessment
  • Participatory Poverty analysis
  • Governance - PRI/Local bodies
  • Assessment of indigenous and displaced people’s issues
  • Gender studies
  • Child care, child protection, women & child cantered development
  • Management information systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) design and Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • Livelihoods & Food security assessments / studies.
  • Community health & nutritional assessments.
  • Gender, Human Rights, social exclusion & governance.