Strategy and Social Development

Strategy and Social Development

Achieving developmental goals depends on having a clear strategic focus and prioritization. The Social Policy and Strategic development approaches, and social analytical research is a core area of our competency.

  • Policy and strategy development for social programs
  • Institutional Development and turnaround strategy
  • Change and Organizational Management with non-profits
  • Capability development in CSR and Sustainability

The social development is now emerging with the importance of building organizational and operational capacities for mission-driven organizations. Blending management principles from the for-profit world with social values of the non-profit sector, a front line of social entrepreneurs and non-profit managers have created a new generation of organizations, socially responsible businesses, and social-purpose enterprises that balance scale with quality, financial stability with social impact, and community ties with rapid growth.

Strategic Partnerships

The strategic partnering is a response to changing conditions, as well as an initiator of them. It envisages that strategic partnering will provide access to new skills, resources and ways of working and will promote innovation in the pursuit of difficult and long-term goals. We work in with partnership assessment, PAT analysis, developing structural process and systems development for successful partnerships

  • Ensure value addition through collaboration
  • Strategic business partnerships