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Sustainability Solutions for core industry and business sector.

We lend our learning and expertise in providing integrated sustainable water, environmental and social solutions for large industrial core sectors, who source process raw material from open environment along with other institutional and community stakeholders. We help FMCG, Water Intensive processes, Paper & Pulp, Textile, Mining and Pharma sectors in undertaking scientific and technical impact assessments, analyzing and planning for mitigating issues and concerns for ensuring operations sustainability and expansion promotion. We are also specialized in developing strategic CSR/business social responsibility planning, execution, evaluating, assessing impact of industry social performance and reporting. In this process, we build stakeholder value, partnerships convergence and linkages for sustainability.

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  • How a constraint can then results in performance and works for sustainability…
  • How a strategy helps organizations to build critical drivers to manage success…
  • What change means to performance, image, and brand?
  • What partnerships mean for growth?
  • What social accountability means to a successful business?
  • What competitions and costs mean for program management?

The way that an organization manages these issues can be business critical. An unchecked issue can fester and infect the organization’s long-term reputation. Recovery is possible, but time-consuming and very expensive.

Managing these issues pro-actively before they turn into crises is a much better strategy and Mainstay is geared up with the resources and skills to help you do this.

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