Sustainability and Strategic CSR

Sustainability and Strategic CSR

We help develop a strategy and implement process management systems to achieve goals that engage stakeholders, community, leverage, and convergence to create superior shareholder and societal value (social licenses). We help develop a business case, identify risks and design a strategy that resonates with the mission, vision, values and other key philosophies unique to the organization.

We engage in business case development by identifying vulnerabilities, integrating strategic CSR with policy development, building adequate process and systems to support policy. Managing end to end sustainability and social vulnerability challenges in supply chain, towards a unique value proposition.

Sustainable Supply Chain and Social Investment

We help business partners in mapping social investments, return assessments SRI, SROI and high impact investments for social value, as a strategic business proposition. Help business to align social investment priorities, long-term business and social goals, while integrating business social responsibility. This process supports to develop sustainable supply chain.

Strategic Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement

The strategic partnering is a response to changing conditions, as well as an initiator of them. It envisages that strategic partnering will provide access to new business value, resources and ways of collaborating, and will promote innovation in the pursuit of difficult and long-term goals. We work towards the following.

  • Instill trust through active community participation
  • Building effective stakeholder relationships
  • Create sustainable value chain
  • Achieve stewardship and accountability
Social Auditing

We help measure the results, effectiveness, and value of CSR benefits, sustainability initiatives using extensive social research. We conduct sustainability and social audits, non-financial reporting, as well as social compliance audits which monitor and measure your organization’s progress against relevant indicators and benchmark standards.